The Handbook

Each Undead Bar Association includes one or more definitions from the Undead Bar Association Handbook, First Edition. The definitions used are collected here.

binding precedent. 1. The habitual lies that bind us together or tear us apart. 2. Mistakes from our past that keep us from moving forward, into the future or the after-life. Also binding deceit.
blackletter law. The dark beginnings that define who we are and force what we become.
corpus delicti. The corpse or corpses of those killed through undead crimes or during battle between undead factions. The most critical piece of evidence to your case; without the bodies, no one in the outside world will believe you.
guardian, n. One of a hereditary line of vampire strikers and hunters of evil, charged with protecting humanity. These individuals are gifted or cursed, depending on your view, with uncommon speed and an insatiable hunger to fight evil.
Upon the death of a Guardian, the youngest person of closest descent succeeds to the position. This passing of office is effected by transference of the Guardian Object, a personal possession of the now deceased Guardian. Living Guardians can choose to resign their office in favor of a younger relation. This rarely occurs, as most Guardians are killed in battle.
shadow economy, n. The barter system by which two vampire sfi slaves of rival houses make mutual promises to kill each other's masters. Such sfis commonly train together as vampire shadows or strikers.
strike, n. An attack on a vampire, with the end goal being permanent removal of the evil from the mortal plane. Most commonly performed by a vampire striker specially trained for the task. See also assassination.