The Blog Stories

Samples of the original blog stories are available for free. The full stories have been pulled for inclusion in future e-books.

Stories are listed below in Timeline Order. Events in Doubled Jeopardy and Homesdead overlap.

Origin Story: Black Letter Law by Maryanne M. Wells and Naomi O'Connors
Available for free: Parts 1-10
Originally posted November 2010, February - May 2011
What begins as an ordinary night in the law school library (strange weapons, strange noises, stranger people) turns into the beginning of madness.  Join the founding members of the Undead Bar Association as they meet a ghost, solve a mystery, and stumble into the middle of the great Vampire War.

Foubourg Fairy Tale by Naomi O'Connors
Available for free: Full Story
Originally posted August - September 2010

A flashback tale about the summer Naomi spent in New Orleans.  Turns out that her with the undead preceeds her.  Interesting, since Naomi didn't know she had a reputation.

Until Death by Maryanne M. Wells
Available for free: Parts 1, 2, 6, 79, 15, 19
Originally posted June - July 2010

Anthony the ghost reappears in Maryanne's life, and he's got a case for her.  But can Maryanne really help the conjoined spirits of Robert and Susan Mirandon?  And who hired the assassin sorcerers?

Binding Precedent by Maryanne M. Wells
Available for free: Parts 1, 2, 4, 8, 11, 14, 19
Originally posted July - August 2010

Strange things are happening at the law firm Deitrick, Egbert & Drake.  Maryanne knows she should look into it, and she will.  Right after she deals with the zombie plants threatening her home, Roger's cows, and the new vampire in her life.

No Fracking Way by Maryanne M. Wells
Available for free: Parts 1, 2, 7, 9, 13, 15, 18
Originally posted June - July 2011

A coworker is murdered in an oil field, apparently while working a case for the law firm.  Maryanne's got questions, and she's going after the answers.  But it's never easy for M.M. Wells.  Will she be able to hide the dark secret of her past from her family and friends as she faces off against the undead...and the law firm?

Doubled Jeopardy by Maryanne M. Wells
Available for free: Parts 3, 5, 6, 8, 12
Originally posted October 2011

A member of the Undead Bar Association makes a startling discovery in the Paris catacombs.  The Vildru sorcerers have a hit list, and the Undead Bar Association is on it.  Step inside the mind of one of the cruelest Vildru, and view the world through his eyes...if you dare.

Homesdead by Maryanne M. Wells
Available for free: Full Story
Originally posted November - December 2011

What's worse than a malicious ghost slowly starving his widow to death?  How about working the case with a man who despises you.  Maryann's got a case in Pampa, Texas unlike any she's had before.  The lead attorney is her cousin, Steven Mackenzie, a man who hasn't said a civil word to her since they were children.  Forced to fight hostility from the living and the dead, Maryanne's ready to give up and walk away.  But the people of Pampa aren't going to let her.