Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Binding Deceit - New Cover Art

Top haunted novel Binding Deceit just got a new cover. See the tangled web, hinting at the turmoil churning between the pages.

Available through Amazon and on all Kindle devices.

For new lawyer Maryanne Wells, returning to Amarillo, Texas feels like slipping into a favorite pair of worn blue jeans. Her friends eagerly greet her, and Maryanne settles into her old surroundings with a contented sigh. Then, an unwelcome visitor arrives – Anthony, a ghost from Maryanne's past. He's bringing Maryanne a supernatural mystery full of hometown flair. Maryanne's had enough of ghosts and zombies, but Anthony won't leave her alone. Slowly but surely, Maryanne's pulled into a mystery of twisted science, black magic, and tainted love. As Maryanne knows, once you open the door to the supernatural you can't fight the monsters that jump out alone. The smart and saucy heroine turns to the Undead Bar Association, and friend Nick Porpington answers the call. Together they confront a new evil, one with its sights set on conquering more than just Amarillo and Maryanne. Things are heating up in the Texas Panhandle, and Maryanne wants to teach evil a lesson – don't bring your monsters to her hometown.

About the Author

Maryanne Mackenzie Wells is a Texas attorney turned fiction writer. She's the author of four active book series: The Undead Bar Association (supernatural suspense seasoned with history and a dash of law), Tales of My Mother Road (fairytales inspired by the states of Route 66), The Hearts Trilogy (sci-fi with a steampunk vibe), and Ghostly Mostly (young adult fiction from the Undead Bar Association realm). Her hallmarks are conducting meticulous research and crafting relatable and inspiring heroines. Maryanne believes in making every word count. If you like to skim, these books are NOT for you. When Maryanne's not busy researching or writing she's teaching, using her business and legal background to help future business leaders tackle the world. Occasionally, Maryanne shakes off her pen name to appear in a local theater production or ballet. Her last name, Wells, was inspired by her role in a local theatrical production of Dracula. Maryanne's drink of choice is coffee.