Monday, October 27, 2014

White Cheddar Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Wondering what to do with the guts from your Halloween pumpkin? This guy's got an idea:
Copyright 2014 Maryanne M. Wells
He's got a pumpkin seed recipe inspired by gleaming white bones.
First, let's talk general pumpkin seed recipes.


Cookie Sheet
Parchment Paper
Paper Towels
Small bowl



Pumpkin seeds, about 1/2 cup dry
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Spices and fixins (varies by recipe)


1. Gut pumpkin. Separate seeds from the stringy bits. Rinse in water. Place seeds, single layer, on paper towels to dry overnight. By letting the seeds dry overnight, you insure a great crunch when you roast them.
2. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees.
3. Place sheet of parchment paper on cookie sheet.
4. Place dry pumpkin seeds in bowl. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil; use just enough for the seeds to appear glossy but not so much they're wading or swimming.
5. Spread pumpkin seeds, single layer, on cookie sheet.
6. Top with seasoning of your choice.
7. Roast pumpkin seeds for 10 minutes then check them. Bake in 2 minute increments until seeds just begin to turn golden brown.

For White Cheddar Pumpkin Seeds:

Sprinkle Pumpkin Seeds with dry white cheddar powder. You get a crunchy snack that smells and tastes like popcorn.

Stay tuned to the website and for more pumpkin ideas during Halloween week.