Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Seeds Recipe Good and Evil

Here's a creepy character! Out of all the pumpkins I carved this year, this one's my favorite. It's traditional - eyes, nose, mouth - but with an unexpected, sinister quality, like certain evil characters in Matriculated Death, #1 from the book series Undead Bar Association.
The seeds from this pumpkin needed a suitable twist to their baking, and they get it with a great peanut butter recipe. There's a twist, too: you decide if the finished seeds will be good or evil.
First, the base recipe:


Cookie Sheet
Parchment Paper
Paper Towels
Small bowl
Sealable plastic bags


Pumpkin seeds, about 1/2 cup dry
1/4 cup peanut butter

Good Version:

Powdered Sugar

Evil Version:

Ground Cumin


1. Gut pumpkin. Separate seeds from the stringy bits. Rinse in water. Place seeds, single layer, on paper towels to dry overnight. By letting the seeds dry overnight, you insure a great crunch when you roast them.
2. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees.
3. Place sheet of parchment paper on cookie sheet.
4. Place dry pumpkin seeds in bowl. Spoon in peanut butter and coat seeds. Tip: wash your hands then use your fingers to mix the peanut butter and seeds. It's a lot faster than mixing with a spoon. Get kids to help with this stage; it feels gross and they think it's hilarious.
5. Spread pumpkin seeds, single layer, on cookie sheet.
6. Roast pumpkin seeds for 10 minutes then check them. Bake in 2 minute increments until peanut butter starts to look a little dry and brittle.
7. Allow pumpkin seeds to cool, about 30 min.
8. Divide pumpkin seeds between 2 - 3 plastic bags.


Good Version:

Toss some powdered sugar in bag with peanut butter pumpkin seeds. Seal bag. Shake to coat seeds. If seeds are not coating, you may need to add more powered sugar. The finished product should look like this:


Evil Version:

Toss some cumin and paprika in bag with peanut butter pumpkin seeds. Go easy on the paprika. Trust me; a little goes a long way. The finished product here will NOT be an evenly coated finger-food like the Good Version. Instead, you're going to get a savory and crunchy spread to use on crackers. Want a really fun taste sensation? Spread this yummy evil on apple slices.

Good or Evil, there's smiles in store when you add peanut butter to those pumpkin seeds. Enjoy!