Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Coming soon to a bookshelf near you, following this Rewrite

My editor delivered the first 200 pages of Deadhand Control (book 4 of the Undead Bar Association) with her notes. You know what that means ... Rewrite!!!!

Rewrites can be grand, if you plan for them. Block out time for them, and try to schedule it for when you can be excited about doing it. DONT schedule it when you have other pressing deadlines. Do schedule it for when you miss the characters dearly.

Oh, I've missed these characters! It's been months since I've seen them. I had so many great ideas while they were away. Really, we must talk.

So I'm putting on a fresh pot of coffee then diving into Deadhand Control! Look out, sorcerers. Be on guard, cavalry. And get ready, my dear sweet heroine, because Editor and I decided you are not quite as corrupt as you should be. Bwahaha!

Rewrite! It's time.