Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Big Announcement

I've got a few things to talk about today. The most important thing first, of course.

On June 20, 2012, the first Undead Bar Association book will be published. It will be an e-book, available through Amazon. The book, titled "Matriculated Death", will contain two novellas: "Black Letter Law" and "Corpus Delicti".

"Black Letter Law" will be familiar to regular readers of this blog. It's the very first story (first on the story event time-line), and the one story that I co-authored with Naomi O'Conners. But don't think that just because you read it here, you know what's going to happen. The story went through a complete re-write. There are new characters, new scenes, and a fiendish twist right at the end. The version that will be published on June 20th is so different from the blog version, that I'm acutally going to leave the original on the blog. Literary geeks and fellow writers, feel free to read both versions and analyze the changes. It's fun.

"Corpus Delicti" is brand new. To balance out the other novella, which features vampires, "Corpus Delicti" is overrun with zombies. The story also answers some long-standing Undead Bar Association questions, like the sad fate of Maryanne's beloved truck.

In preparation for book publication, this blog will be getting a face-lift. I will also partially pull some stories off the blog, in anticipation of re-writing them for publication in later e-books. As mentionned before, "Black Letter Law" will stay in its entirety. So will "Fouburg Fairtale", Naomi O'Conners' tale set in New Orleans. And I'll probably leave "Homesdead" up as it is. For the rest, I'll take down all but the initial episodes, leaving just enough to get a flavor for each story. Blog revisions will take place May 26 and 27; expect a new look on Monday, May 28.

Last piece of news for today: I will be travelling in June, conducting research for the second Undead Bar Association book (which will be published this fall). Look for some research updates and photos on Twitter (@MaryanneWells). You'll be able to get a real feel for book 2 by looking at the photos.

Thank you, everyone, for your support encouragement these past two years. That's right, the blog has been around for almost two years! And several of you were encouraging me to get back into writing before the blog was even imagined. Thank you. Now brace yourself for the next chapter of the UBA adventure. It's gonna be a wild ride!