Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Announcement - We're Going from Blog to Books

After researching options, talking with readers, and soul-searching while sipping way too much coffee, I reached a decision. The Undead Bar Association stories will be changing into e-book format.

When this blog began, the possibility of publishing for profit wasn't on the horizon. The writing was all about blowing off steam and having fun. It still is about those things, but there's a change in direction.

Enough people have written to me, telling me what the stories mean to them, that I've come to recognize the audience beyond myself and the other original members of the UBA. If I can make something happen by changing the format, if I can find some financial freedom this way, I'll be able to devote more time to the series. There's a lot to tell. And I now know that more of you want to hear it, because you've told me that in the struggles and humor of the UBA you've found an echo of yourselves. Or you just like heroine's snark.

So here's how the transition will work. Each UBA e-book will contain two stories. The first will be an old story, and the second will be new, never seen before. As each story from the blog is transferred to an e-book, it will be removed from the blog (with one exception). A synopsis of each story, new and old, will be kept on the blog.

Eventually, all but one story will be removed from the blog. At that point, the blog will be used for writing updates and offbeat articles and the e-books going forward will have two new stories each.

What's the one story that will remain on the blog? The origin story, “Black Letter Law”. The story will stay on the blog for three reasons. First, it was the only story I co-authored with Naomi O'Conners. That makes it very special, to the UBA. Second, it is the origin story, and will give newcomers the best idea what the UBA is about. Finally, the story will stay because its evolving so much as its being edited. It is becoming an excellent example of what happens when you take a story from rough draft to finished product.

I'm currently editing “Black Letter Law” and writing the companion story, “Corpus Delicti.” The finished book will be published in 2012. Updates will be posted to the blog, of course.

In addition to the UBA, I have two other writing projects on my desk. One is a series of fantasy books, and the other (sigh) is a sci-fi oddity. Really, I don't know how to explain the latter. I can only say that its really fun to write. I haven't decided yet how I will publish the other two projects. We'll see how the UBA e-books go.

Final words, for today. The blog will get a facelift soon. I have a photo shoot scheduled with Chriselda, my favorite Texas Panhandle photographer. Once I get the photos back from her, I'll update the look of the blog.

Tune in later this week for UBA fashion! If you were an evil Vildru sorceress, what would you wear?