Saturday, October 15, 2011

Zombtober Movie Review: Doghouse

Undead Bar Association reader and longtime friend, Samuel Frost (longtime = someone who knew me back when my hair was natural blond.  So many hair colors ago.), has dedicated this month as Zombtober, the month of zombie movies.  He's writing up reviews of the best and the worst, and has generously agreed to share them with the UBA.  Here's his first.


It's a British zombie movie that tries to use the "battle of the sexes" as the plot device for zombie mayhem. A bunch of guys who are involved with arguments with their girlfriends all meet up with a buddy who is getting over his divorce. They go off on a "guy's retreat" and wind up with a broken down bus in a ghost town full of female zombies.

It's a comedy-buddy-horror film, a genre that I think needs more entries. "Tommy" from Snatch was the only actor that I recognized. He was good, and they didn't make his character too much more important than any of the other guys. Females might want to take this movie with a grain of salt, although they are the ones doing most of the butt kicking.

This movie has a few unusual things for a zombie film: Only the females are zombies, some of them actually use weapons, and at one point, they all upgrade to "phase 2" and become more like "runners" than "slow zombies".

In one of the funniest parts, the guys do the "pretend-like-we're-zombies-to-sneak-by trick", only this time, they just dressed up in drag.

The end is a Deus-Ex-Machina moment, but the guys end up ruining their salvation by goofing off...which is kind of appropriate.

Here is my new Zomtober Zombie scale:

Slow (-2---) Runner *until "phase 2"
Dumb (---4-) Smart
Passive (----5) Aggressive
Fake (--3--) Believable
Method of spreading Zombism: Virus
X-factors: Only female zombies. They can use weapons.
Recommendation: Stream it!

- Samuel Frost