Thursday, October 6, 2011

Doubled Jeopardy - Part 6. Maryanne M. Wells

This is Part 6 of a serial story.

Maryanne Wells to Absola Trotsky
Wed, Oct 5, 2011
Re: Re: Re: Paris

Absola -

Do NOT allow Claude to go to Italy with Rosalie. You must stop him. Do whatever you have to. The thing inside Rosalie's body intends to destroy him. IT ISN'T ROSALIE. PROTECT CLAUDE.


Absola -

Regarding your remarks about House Inceput, just what are you planning? Are you going to setup covert operations in the catacombs, hunting for vampires? Are you planning a stake-out of the deserted Vildru school? Don't do it, Absola. For an operation like that you need at least one additional slayer / hunter, and you haven't got one. I certainly can't fly out there to help you. You know that if House Inceput is involved my hands are tied.

I've formed a theory of what happened. The Vildru opened a school in the catacombs and formed an alliance with House Seara vampires. The House Inceput vampires heard about the alliance and it pissed them off. They went after the Vildru, who deserted the school.

There are a lot of holes in the theory, I know. But its the only thing that makes sense to me now.
I'm sending the Stanley file out to the rest of the Undead Bar Association. Looks like we've got a war on our hands, maybe two. Forewarned is forearmed.


From: Maryanne Wells
To: Robert Brooks, Joe Capri, Charles Crudette, Tanya Crudette, Charlotte Hawthorne, Naomi O'Conners, Nick Porpington, Absola Trotsy
Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2011
Subject: Undead Bar Association Threatened
Attachment: SentMailStanleyObsert.doc

Read the contents of the attached file IMMEDIATELY. Message me when you're done. Actually, hit reply to all. We need to watch each other's backs. Based on some of the material in the attached, we've communicated too little with each other in the past.

Joe, I'm seriously considering hiring you a bodyguard. I just need to find one qualified in battling black magic.

Charlotte, I need you to brief Anthony on what's happening. I'm assuming a ghost from the 1970s doesn't have access to e-mail, so read this to him.

- Maryanne M. Wells

From: Maryanne Wells
To: Joe Capri
Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2011
Subject: CALL ME

Joe -

All joking aside, I'm worried about you and your girlfriend. Call me before you read the attachment. I want to prepare you for some of the contents. There's one e-mail in particular about your girlfriend, about something they did to her, that I don't want you to read alone.


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