Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Doubled Jeopardy - Part 5. Maryanne M. Wells

This is Part 5 of a serial story.  
Maryanne Wells to Absola Trotsky
Wed, Oct 5, 2011
Re: Paris

Absola -

I've skimmed the file. I'll read it more carefully tonight, when I have a quiet moment. Quieter, anyway. Had a fresh case hit me in the face Monday morning. Literally.

This much is clear just from skimming: assuming the author of the journal was telling the truth, Rosalie is dead and the thing in the catacombs is her ghost. The Rosalie you're having lunch with isn't Rosalie at all. Be very careful.

When you meet her, check her her left hand. If she's got a glove on and it isn't the dead of winter, there's a problem.


Absola Trotsky to Maryanne Wells
Wed, Oct 5, 2011
Re: Re: Paris

Maryanne -

Yes, glove on left hand. She tell us she takes up motorcycle riding. Other glove in pocket of jacket. This I see at lunch.

I read file carefully as soon as this message to you is sent.

I am confused. You seem very certain Rosalie is dead, but I sensed no undead impression from woman calling self Rosalie. And Claude, he insists woman is Rosalie, only acting different. Is convincing himself thing he saw in catacombs product of imagination and longing. And since the rest of evidence disappear, Claude is prepared to explain away much if not all of mystery.

Rosalie leaving Paris for Italy. She ask Claude to join her. I am thinking he go.

I promise rest of story and here it is. You must read it, as symbol at end concern you.

Claude, he decides bodies in pit need proper burial. Goes to local gendarme, the police. Also messages me, to come see torture equipment. Is risk, contacting police. Cataphile activities illegal. There is fine, perhaps more. Claude willing to suffer consequences. He is man of honor.

We go catacombs, myself, Claude, and two gendarme. Follow paths. Find entrance to school. Is blocked again, but this time concrete very real. We return surface.

Claude contact other cataphiles. Many maps and much debate follow. Possible entrance found. Cataphiles lead us to old train tunnel. We find door. Is locked; I open. Gendarme frown and look other way, say nothing. I say to you, is not breaking and entering if both sides of door deserted. You debate me later if choose to. You will lose.

Door lead hallway, hallway lead tunnel, tunnel lead caves, cave lead school.

But school is dark and empty. No lights; wires ripped from walls. No equipment. No classrooms. No furniture in offices or dormitories. And no bodies in pit.

Claude in shock. He run around empty rooms, pointing. He say, “This was here, that was there.” Points to ceiling and walls, he shouts, “The symbols are gone! Someone covered them over with fresh paint. There was graffiti, and long murals. All gone.”

Is one mark on walls. I find in torture laboratory. Is large painting of seven-pointed sun, symbol of vampire House Inceput. My friend Maryanne knows this symbol well. But does she know why symbol freshly painted in Paris catacombs?

I search laboratory and classrooms. Find papers. Documents, sketches of torture. Lists of names. Your name, it is on a list with others from Undead Bar Association. UBA itself is named. This paper, I try to bring to surface, but in sunlight it shatter like glass.

Claude search dormitories with care. Search with skill of cataphile, knowing limestone crease and crevice. Find hidden drive. One file on drive, file I send you.

What does it mean, my friend?

Mark of vampire House Inceput, I know what it mean and I know what I must do. But as to the rest, I need your information.

- Absola

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