Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doubled Jeopardy - Part 12. Maryanne M. Wells.

This is Part 12 of a serial story.

Stanley Obsert to Bradley Obsert
Sent: Mon, April 12, 2010
Subject: Joe Capri

Bradley -

You should have given me all the facts in the beginning. Didn't they teach you that in law school, to collect all the facts before deciding what's relevant? I need all the facts before I can determine what course of action you should take.

Joe Capri has the potential to be a threat. He's merely annoying if you know how to handle him, but a real threat if underestimated and left to his own devices. If you'd told me in the beginning that Capri was the lawyer of the obstinate old woman, I would have given you better advice.

That is not to say you are free to kill Capri or his client. Not yet. First, we must establish his level of knowledge about Vildru. That he knows something is a given.

Capri is a member of the Undead Bar Association. If you'd finished your training in-house at the school, like I told you to, you would know about this association and their activities. The group operates in complete opposition to the things we want to achieve. They fight either with or against the undead, choosing their side based not on the strength of the potential opponent but on a loose definition of justice. The fact that they chose sides at all when the undead are involved, instead of using the monsters as tools, is disturbing. It suggests they value individual will, minds, and souls. Disgusting, isn't it?

We don't know how much the Undead Bar Association knows about Vildru. One member of the association, Naomi O'Conners, recently made the Committee's most wanted list. She's had run in with mid-level Vildru and lived to talk about it. Another member, Maryanne Wells, is on the watch list. She's slain multiple vampires from House Seara, our new partner.

You need to be worried about how much O'Conners has told Capri, and how much training he may have received from Wells. He may already know about your weakness to fire. He may know everything.
No killing and no magic until you hear from me again. Any dramatic action now would make Capri suspicious, and might catch the attention of the rest of the association.

Stir up the other relatives against Capri's client, or bog down the whole mess with more of that bureaucratic red-tape you wield so well. Don't let on to House Seara that there's a problem.

I'm flying out immediately to Houston, Texas. Capri has a very specific weakness, and I know where to find her. I'll e-mail you once I get there.

- Stanley

Stanley Obsert to Grand Master Peter

Sent: Mon, April 12, 2010
Subject: Bradley's Mission

I've changed my mind about helping Bradley. Don't misread me. Under no circumstances am I coming over to the side of pro-House Seara partnership. I'm going to help Bradley because he is my brother, and a fellow Vildru.

You don't know Bradley like I do. There are times when he's too emotional, almost irrational. I'm concerned he might do something rash that would hurt our society. I need to be with him, to calm him.
Kimberly will accompany me. Lovely, delightful creature. I know you don't care for her, but you haven't gotten to know her like I have. She'll prove herself on this mission; wait and see.

- Stanley Obsert

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