Friday, September 30, 2011

What's Coming Up, Including a Preview of Doubled Jeopardy

First, I'd like to thank Twitarr Pirate for the shout-out and poem re-print on Talk Like A Pirate Day. September 19th has been one of my favorite days since my 1L year, when a professor introduced our Contracts class to the wonders of saying “Arrrrgh.” It's great to celebrate now with people around the globe.

Next, some good news about content. During the month of October I'll share a few movie reviews written by a horror film buff. This person makes it a goal to watch 31 horror movies every October, and does great write-ups of what he sees. Look for those sprinkled throughout the month. Also, Mutant of the Week posts will be back! Jesse Garson's colorful, punaful drawings will grace your screen every Friday.

Also coming in October (beginning tomorrow): a new story! Get ready for Doubled Jeopardy.

Here's a little bit about what to expect in the latest tale:

Doubled Jeopardy is different from all the previous stories on this blog. First, it's completely epistolary. We've used some epistolary elements in the past, but never to this extreme. The first part of the story – roughly a week worth of entries – is a series of e-mails between our usual heroine (Maryanne) and Absola Trotsky. Those e-mails set up the story and put the e-mails that follow into a specific context.

The second part of the story consists of e-mails written exclusively by one Stanley Obsert. Regular readers may recognize that last name. Yes, Stanley is related to the villian Bradley Obsert from No Fracking Way. He's Bradley's identical twin brother. Well, not completely identical. Stanley is so evil he makes Bradley look like a force for good.

The rest of the story will be e-mails between our heroine and other members of the Undead Bar Association. They'll explain how the main part of the story impacts the UBA going forward. Oh, and there's a little twist. Our heroine will reveal things in those e-mails she shouldn't...and the mistake will come back to haunt everyone (future stories).

The second way this story differs from others is the tone. It's written from the perspective of a villian. A dark, depraved villian. Stanley's voice is insidiously evil. He takes the most serious subjects, and dissects them with a caustice blasé air that is both frightening and (potentially) corrupting. There's value to all of this, in terms of the big picture. Knowing how evil the villians can be, we can better appreciate what dangers the Undead Bar Association will face. But caution should be taken in reading. This is a dark, psycological horror that should be read by an adult, with the lights on. The story is NOT recommended for our younger readers.

Doubled Jeopardy - Maryanne M. Wells

Why the new voice? Several readers have told me they enjoy reading stories from characters besides our usual heroine. More than one person has told me how much they enjoyed Naomi O'Conners' story. Unfortuneately for the UBA, Naomi has stepped away from writing full stories. I hope it's temporary. In the meantime, I'll do what I can to mix things up with stories from the perspective of different characters. That said, I don't plan to write from the perspective of a villian after this story. Putting Stanley Obsert's words on paper was an unpleasant experience. Blood and muck.

The third reason this story stands out is context. Finally, everything in the series is coming together. This story ties in with Until Death and No Fracking Way. It will foreshadow future stories (remember, our heroine will make a big mistake). And writing it has inspired the very next story on the blog. No title yet, but I promise this: more Absola, more Paris, more romance, and more vampires than you can stand. Best of all, this story pushes us further along the main story line. I'm excited, and I hope by the end of this story you will be too.

Doubled Jeopardy launches tomorrow. A new episode will post every day in October. Yes, every day. The first week is already pre-loaded. Episodes will post automatically at lunch time. I wish I could boast about that, make it sound like I'm some kind of superwoman for writing in advance, but no. Truth is, I HAVE to write the story in advance and pre-load episodes because my October calendar is booked solid. Day job related stuff. Yeah.

- M. M. Wells