Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And our final winner is...

Our final winner in the Undead Bar Association blog Anniversary give away is Linda K. of Austin, TX!

I've received feedback from two of our winners, Jeff F. and Linda K.

Jeff F. writes: Whoa. I've never won anything before. That's freakin' awesome.

Linda K. writes: I won something?! Holy crap, I never win anything! Woohoo!!!!

Messages like that make me think we should do it again next year.

No one correctly answered the first quiz question about the law firm featured in the stories, but someone did answer the second question - Doug F. of Baltimore.  The question was, "What science fiction reference is made in the title of the current story?"  Doug actually answered the question before I asked it, in a message to me just after the current story launched.  I gave him credit anyway and gave him two entries in the drawing.  He didn't win, but congratualate him anyway on his sci-fi knowledge.

I'm a little behind on the current story.  Some ghosts from the past materialized, and had to be dealt with.  The plan is still to wrap up the current story by the end of July.  It may require double posts for a while to get us caught.  Tune in tomorrow!