Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's Coming Up...and the Truth About That Law School

Black Letter Law wrapped up last week. Next week we'll start a new story, No Fracking Way. This week, sandwiched between stories, will be a little different.

Tomorrow's entry will be an article on undead estate planning by guest author Steven Silva. Thursday I will post my response to his article, and give him an opportunity for rebuttal.

Friday will be Mutant of the Week day. Thank you, as always, to the incredibly talented Jesse Garson for allowing us to post his mutants.

Saturday I'll post a book review. You're crafting your summer reading list, and the UBA is here to help. I'll also post any comments I get on the Silva article and my response.

Before we know it, Monday will be here, bringing a new story with it! The new story reads darker than anything else we've posted so far. Now that the first origin story has posted, readers have a lot more information about the characters' pasts. I don't have to tiptoe around certain subjects anymore, and I won't. This story opens with a dead body and a Vildru attack, and things go downhill from there.

Ugh. There's a pun in that last sentence. Because I'm writing the story, I'm the only person right now who gets the pun. Annoyed.

Some brief notes on the last story, Black Letter Law:

1) The librarians at my alma mater were not vampires. They were closer to being guardian angels. More than once, their thoughtfulness and kind words preserved my sanity. Bill and 'Auntie' Linda in particular helped me cling to reality and my sense of self when everyone else in the law school tried to force me to become someone I didn't want...or need...to be.

2) Our Dean dressed up as a vampire for Halloween one year. Yeah. Long flowing cape, tracks of fresh blood at the corners of his mouth, fangs...the whole nine yards. He dressed up like that and helped serve the law students a midnight breakfast. Not a thing easily forgotten.

3) There is some sort of hollow space under the floor in the law school vestibule, near the base of a statue. I was told there was a time capsule under the tiles.

4) There really is a pioneer ghost town next to the law school.

5) The law school does in fact have an attic.

6) Did any humans die in Black Letter Law? Maybe. Matthew Califf was slated to die. I polled readers about whether or not to kill the character off. All the men and one woman (Naomi) said kill. Other women said kill if you have to.

A teenage fan suggested I leave it open-ended. I took her advice. If you read the story carefully, it's not clear that Califf is dead. I might bring him back later. He could be useful.

Killing off characters, even minor ones, is not something I take lightly. Death should either factor into the plot directly, or drive character development, which moves the plot. The characters that die in my novels (fantasy series; currently unpublished and not related to the stories of this blog) drive the story and greatly impact the characters around them. I want it to be the same here, but because the blog stories involve living and undead, the event of death is more challenging to handle.

Enough rambling. Tune it tomorrow, y'all!

- M. M. Wells