Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peeps Battle: Part 1

Every now and then the members of the Undead Bar Association take a break from walking down the shadowy corridors of life to enjoy the lighter side.  Easter season is one of those times.  Easter season means Easter candy, Easter candy means Peeps, and Peeps means it's time for battles in the microwave.

This year we pitted Team Green against Team Yellow.  Team Green was coached by the able Little Zombie (L.Z.), who managed to make it through the tournament without going all to pieces.  Team Yellow was coached by Igor the Hamster.  Not sure where Igor got the little bunny ears, but on him they work.

The first event was classic peep-on-peep.   Each peep got one toothpick with which to stab its opponent in the microwave. 

Round 1:

It's a draw.

Round 2:

So close!  But we're looking for a clear winner here.

Round 3:

We have a winner!  Congratulations Team Yellow!

And congratulations to Coach Igor!

Up Next:  The second event...Peep Brawl. 

Want to see more Peeps?  The American Bar Association sponsors an annual Peeps in Law Contest.  You can view the gallery here.  Extra double bonus points if you spot the zombie peeps.