Monday, February 21, 2011

And...We're Back!!

Whew! That was a long, unexpected blogging hiatus. I knew remodeling an old grain silo and making it zombie / vampire / sorcerer proof would take some time, but I didn't expect it would take over my life. All done now; new home and new offices of the Undead Bar Association are complete.

But before we let all the remodeling dust settle, there's one thing left to change...the blog.

First, the blog is going to have more variety. The UBA is about more than just cases, and the blog needs to reflect that. You'll be getting more poems, bad puns, zombie photos, the occasional book / story review. And mutants, by the marvelous Jesse Garson. There will be something posted on the blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the occasional bonus Sunday post.

The blog will also be more interactive. We'll be doing polls, asking your opinion on story direction and details, and asking what features you want to see.

Tomorrow I'll post a summary of the current story to date, and we'll jump back into the action.

So stay tuned!

- Maryanne Wells