Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Faubourg Fairy Tale--The Ninth (in which a Plan is formed!)

Might as well make a day of it, but first I should call Maryanne. After a few rings, it went to voice mail.

Hey you. It's me. New Orleans is... interesting. Mostly good. I need to talk to you, though. Hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon. Bye.”

And with that, I headed out to get started. I hit Cafe DuMonde first, for some coffee. I hoped it would shatter the hangover, but I couldn't stomach beignets that morning. It was nice, the coffee was strong, I sat in the shade under fans and listened to buskers playing jazz while I thought about my next move. I figured I should wander around Jackson Square and go in the shops and talk to the street artists, see if anything looked or sounded familiar or fishy. Then, if nothing came of that, I'd go on a tour and talk to some of the other people on the tour. After that... I might have to ask Dani or Mara for help or advice.