Friday, July 9, 2010

Mutant of the Week: July 9, 2010

Mutants! Mutants! Mutants!

No, no. Just one mutant. They're too amazing to view all at once. We want to go slow and appreciate the unique qualities of each mutant.  That's why we only post one Quantum Duck Mutant each week...we want to create an environment that lens itself to quiet contemplation.

Stay focused! Jesse Garson of EYE iN tHE hAT productions has released this one perfect mutant for our Friday viewing pleasure.  Fortunate are we, pupils of his artistic vision, that we can gaze upon...

If you think you call handle seeing a plethora of mutants...if you just can't can view them all here.

I think it's eye time we all get ourselves Jelly glasses.  I'm not trying to back you into a cornea; I'm simply suggesting you visit Jesse's Mutant of the Week store here.

Will there be another Mutant next week?  Let's take a vote.  [counts votes].  The eyes have it!